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Convert Website To Android App With push Notification

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How to add Google Firebase Notifications

Step - 1

Fill the form as seen above, without submiting it.
Important – copy “Package name” (in this case com.webtoapp.webtoapp)

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Step - 2

Register at Google Firebase –

Step - 3

Add project

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Step - 4

Enter project name

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Step - 5

Select "Android app"

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Step - 6

Important - past "Package name" from step 1 to "Android package name" so they both match, Click Register App

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Step - 7

Download "google-services.json"

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Step - 8

Press "Upload Firebase Config" and point to "google-services.json" you downloaded in previous step.


How to push notifications

In Firebase Cloud Messaging -> Send your first Message. And fill form as seen below.

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